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This page contains images of two of the several sets created for the Launch of the new Spanish language television network Sbs.

This is the set for the Program "Polos Opuestos". (Opposite Poles) This is a debate show moderated by the host. The final judgment is made by votes from the live audience and included a celebrity guest as tie breaker if necessary. This set design also included the audience seating and celebrity guest "throne".

View of the set during the initial pre-light.

This set was designed for the "La Musica" program.

The concept of the show is music rating event where viewers call in to vote on their favorite music video's. As the votes are tallied the videos move up the screens to the top spot.

Sbs had specific requirements for the look of the set, one of which was to tie elements of the show's opening animation to the actual live action set. In addition, an interview area for the hosts and guests was required. As always, studio space was at a premium and the interview area needed to be incorporated within the set. This choice allows the working set to play as the backdrop for the guest spots, and also keeps the whole unit within the confines of the available space. The circular seating allows for different shooting angles producing variation in the areas that can be used for the backdrop.

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